he olives are hand-picked from the centuries-old olive groves that are organically planted in the Belice Valley. 

OliveRoads have its life-dedicated farmers and harvesters that care every day on their “Nocellara del Belice” cultivar variety olives, typical of the region and of their exposition to the sun. 

Cold pressing at <27 °C is carried out the same day the olives are harvested. 

The perfect conditions of the fruit at harvest and absolute control over the process of oil extraction guarantee acidities of less than 0.3%, making OliveRoads one of the lowest-acidity natural olive oils available. In addition, it is very rich in polyphenols (vitamin E) and oleic acid which give it a very high value and great excellence, in what can be used to protect the heart and arteries, to slow down cellular aging, to prevent arteriosclerosis since it contributes to lowering the level of LCL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and raising HDL (good cholesterol).

Olive Roads ExtraVirgin Olive Oil

SKU: OLIV000001
500 Milliliters