Do it Puritan! is our chance to kick off our shoes, relax and try out some new things, this time pressing perry pears – mainly Gin (so called because of its botanical nuances) but also ButtOldfield and Rock – straight into recently emptied Meursault and Sauternes barrels to spontaneously ferment.

What’s come out is a super intense perry. It's floral and herbal, citrussy, tropical, and candied with a funky twang that reminds us of Jimi Hendrix bending an E-string!

With its little bit of residual sugar it matches superbly well with fragrant, spicy dishes especially involving seafood.

Drink cold, but not frozen. Vegan friendly, Gluten free. No added sulphites

Do It Puritan! - Perry - 2019

750 Milliliters